Amanda Pure
Age : 22
Amanda came to work with Robin for his site I was intrigued by her the moment she set foot in our house, and I could tell she had a sensuality beyond her years. Robin raved about how sexy she was so I had to introduce myself to her "properly". As it happens this meant in the shower .. what can I say, I'm a sucker for a sexy curvy young girl. Amand has promised to return and to turn up the heat next time.
Age : 18
This very young looking 18 year old (I've seen her passport she's 18 I promise) is way ahead of her years when it comes to sex. She's into EVERYTHING .. and girl girl is a breeze for her.
Age : 21
Athena is in her early twenties and has been modelling part time for about 6 months. We had been asked to shoot her for another site, so while she was with us I couldn't resist inviting her to be on my site. Although Athena had had a "fun" kiss with a girlfriend in a club once, she had never had full blown sex with a girl. Well here was my chance. I love "breaking" in bi-virgins (as you may know). They tend to enjoy it more, all short breathed and pent up, GOD I love it
Age : 25
Becky is a mum and wife, and models in her spare time. She has her own website and I believe puts on some raunchy webshows. I'm hoping to have her over one evening to join me in one of the webshows. We met up in Portugal in May 2003, and had some great fun with Becky and her husband.
Age : 18
Blue did some work for Rob and I during a shoot for Bustybrits. She looked so young (only 18) and innocent that I just had to get my lips onto her lovely curves ... ! See for yourselves. See more of Blue at
Age : 22
Busty, exotic, GORGEOUS Bonita, who is full of fun and steamy exotic sex. This girl is a Caribbean hurricane waiting to happen. Big soft breasts, big soft lips .. and OH can she kiss .. remarkable for someone so young. Another one of my bi-virgin conquests, but I didn't see her struggling or complaining :-)
Age : 23
Cathy is a new friend of mine, and she's fantastic. Cathy has an amazing sense of fun and is very daring when it comes to wearing clothes in public .. she's braver than me.
Age : 20
A lovely curvaceous body, sultry brunette, and deeply dark eyes.
Age : 22
We met Emmie in a Pub with her boyfriend. Immediately we hit it off and have been friends ever since. By coincidence Emmie has also done some modelling, so it didn't take much encouragement to get her in front of Rob's camera.
Evey Kristal
Age : 27
Evey has the striking strong bone structure of a typically beautiful Eastern European lady. Mysterious and exotic, you can imagine her standing over you in heels and leathers with a commanding tone .. Evey is SO suited to dominatrix. Now that gives me an idea !!
Age : 26
We met Fairy and her husband Oreo while on a trip to Orlando in March 2004. Fairy and I hit it off immediately, we were like long lost sisters, we even wear the same toe-ring ! We had great fun in Florida and showed Fairy and Oreo similar hospitality when they came to stay with us in England. Below are a few sets with more to come.
Age : 42
Georgina is slightly more mature than most of the girls on my site. Being more mature she is in a much better position to pleasure me ... with all that experience. Younger girls tend to have firm, flawless bodies, slightly more experienced women tend to have all the "knowing touches" .. Mmmm. Enjoy Georgina, enjoying me while I enjoy her !
Age : 22
We met Hannah while on a shoot in Glasgow, Scotland. Hannah is super sexy and you can tell that simply by looking deep into her eyes. This is a young lady who loves modelling and gets a great deal of pleasure from it, Almost as much pleasure as we get looking at her photos :)
Jada Gold
Age : 19
Jada came to shoot with Rob on several occassions I think he toolk a bit of a shine to her, dressing her in my clothes like a "mini me". I didn't have the pleasure of working with her intimately, however we did manage to shoot a few sets for my site.
Jan Burton
Age : 37
This is Me .. all the sets I'm in, solo, girl girl and boy girl. Enjoy ! Jan xxx
Age : 41
Jane came for a shoot with Robin for one of his clients that runs a "mature" model website. Jane was sexy and sophisticated and came with the most extensive wardrobe., this completely reflects her personality, Well prepared and well experienced. So I had to "taste" that experience for myself!
Age : 24
I met Jennifer about 5 years ago while Rob and I were working at a studio in Nottingham. Jennifer is married to the guy that runs the studio. Young, sexy and very naughty.
Kelly Hart
Age : 27
I met Kelly while modelling at her home in Bexhill on Sea. Kelly and her hubby ran the geat studio location Rialto Hall. Sadly now that remarkable venue has been sold and Kelly and her fella have moved on. However, Kelly and I have become the greatest of friends and we're both pregnant at the same time. Also fortunately, Kelly is seriously into girls .. oh my !
Age : 28
Lala is one of my best friends, right up there with Rebekah Dee .. I love her to bits. Originally from Madagascar, and with French as her native language Lala has the most sensual French accent. Of course, this highly intelligent exotic beauty speaks English fluently. I love it when Lala whispers french into my ear while she is lying on top of me stroking my breasts ... Mmmmm !
Lara Lee
Age : 22
Nothing like a lovely little bit of welsh rarebit (popular welsh dish). Lara Lee is quite simply stunning. Naughty Minx like eyes and devilish smile .. Lara Lee likes nothing more than to lick pussy and have her puss licked at the same time ... well we'll just have to see what we can do about that.
Age : 26
Layla is a new friend, introduced to me through Rob's school friend. After all these years they are still in touch, and Layla and he came to stay recentlly. We all hit it off well, and particularly Layla and I. I managed to convince her to shoot for my site. We shot some great solo sets, and so far one HOT girl-girl. This girl is SERIOUSLY bi-sexual .. and wanted to take over .. well you know me,. I can't allow that. ;-) Jan x
Age : 23
Leah-Jayne was first introduced to me by Robin who had booked her for a shoot for his site Leah-Jayne started with just solo and was nervous about full nudity, but over the years we've known her, her confidence and levels have risen through girl girl (with me) up to hard boy - girl .. the naughty minx !
Age : 33
I first met Lindsie when we lived in our apartment in Nottingham. Lindsie had come to shoot for Robin for one of his clients, and also for his site Lindsie was great fun to work with, and VERY sexy. I love her full voluptuous body, lovely to cuddle up to and of course very sexy to get "close" to.
Lolly Badcock
Age : 24
Rob and I met Lolly and her partner in "Stones" in Nottingham in July 2004. Lolly "introduced" herself to me by deliberately spilling her drink on me then striking up a conversation. I still don't know if it really she had recognised me or just wanted to get in my knickers, in any case, she did and I got in hers. Loilly has not gone on to be a huge star in the UK porn scene. But we can say that we were where it all started, her shoot with me was her first ever modelling job.
Age : 19
Louise .. yet another young lady who was completely new to sex with other girls. The first shoot started very tentatively, although some wine helped, and within no time at all Louise was licking me out like a seasoned professional.. Love it !
Lucy Gresty
Age : 37
Lucy is a well estabished and very popular british model. Lucy contacted me to organise a day shooting together for our sites.
Lucy Williams
Age : 27
Quite simply Lucy has an AWESOME chest. Not to mention her great looks - especially her smile. Additionally Lucy's sister Kate also models - it just gets better. So hopefully this sexy curvy redhead will pose with her blonde younger sis ... !!! Can't wait.
Michelle Moist
Age : 22
Michelle worked with Rob over a number of days for his clients. Michelle is a lovely girl always cheery and very personable, she even gave us some lego for our lads .. awww. Michelle is also highly sexual and works right up to boy girl .. hmmm now there's an idea !
Michelle Monaghan
Age : 22
Yet another bi-virgin falls beneath my tongue, I particularly enjoyed sucking on her enormous natural breasts. Yummy !!